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Toiletry Bags


The toiletry kit has a spacious bottle-shaped pocket along with inner pockets to keep your shaving/Makeup and bathing stuff organized in one place. Fabricated precisely in an ergonomic and unisex design with an inner lining to separate wet and dry products along with heavy-duty support. The toiletry kit comes with a secured and quality zipper with a long puller for smooth running, which deters the stuffs from falling out

Image by Tyler Nix


  • A Men's Toiletry Bag - For Shaving and Bathing Needs and A Women's Toiletry Bag - For Makeup and Bathing needs

  • Water Resistant and Anti-Odor - Made in Vegan Leather Eco friendly and Cruelty-Free!

  • Spacious - Exclusive Space for 3 bottled-shaped Pockets and an Inner Lining to separate Wet and Dry Products.

  • Hand Crafted | Ultra-Light Weight

Toiletry bags

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