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leather bags manufacturers in india

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

unicon leather one of the premier leather co in India. one of the leather purse manufacturers in Delhi. unicon leather provides 100% OEM services to our clients.

leather bags manufacturers in delhi|leather purse manufacturers

we are based in New Delhi, India, the company continues to excel as an Exporter and Supplier catering to a diverse clientele by offering a wide range. Leading designer, manufacturer, and exporter of leather and hi-end leather-based fashion accessories Known for offering Fashion Bags, Shoulder Bags, Men’s Bags, Bumbags, Men and Ladies' Wallets, Purses, Credit Card Holders, Backpacks, and Belts, the company also deals in a variety of Key Chain Holders, Coin Purses, Magic Wallet, Holsters, and s that reflect quality.

leather bags manufacturers in India

As a manufacturer of leather bags in India, we have faced lots of challenges. the first challenge selection of leather as per the requirement of our client this is the most important as a manufacturer of the leather bag then quality check and double-check after selection of leather we have to move quality check of leather once it's approved by the client then we are moving to our next challenge.

cutting leather Cutting leather may seem like a daunting task but it’s actually easy to do. What can be tricky, however, is making sure those cuts are done just right. Thin and soft leathers are especially known for pulling as you cut them. Small mistakes can affect the overall result of your project.

One of the things to ensure you make smooth and accurate cuts for both thick and thin types of leather is to use the right leather cutting tools. There can be a lot to choose from so we narrowed down the list below to the essential ones.

leather bag manufacturing

The bag manufacturing process consists of a series of steps that apply regardless of the design or customer specifications. Whether bags need to be made square, tall, overbuilt, or cost-effective, each bag must undergo cyclic testing. For products that require a low moisture transfer rate, bags can be treated with laminate to improve the moisture barrier. Before bag construction begins, however, the material must be woven and cut. The process of manufacturing bulk bags can be broken down into the following 11 steps.



Moisture Proofing




Sewing Unit


Burst Test



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